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Court Filing Service

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Court Filing Services
Our Court Filing Services is ready to work for you, simply call us at (661) 387-5900 and within minutes, our helpful staff will arrange for a staff person to come to your location, pickup any and all necessary court paperwork and make sure that it gets to court on time. When you need a Court Filing Messenger Service you can trust, Express Legal Process Service. When you don’t have time to run to the courthouse yourself, Express Legal Process Service will do the job for you and do it right.
 Even if your law firm isn’t local or out of states, Express Legal Process Service will take your documents to the right courthouse and file the papers for you. The court has ordered you to have a document transferred and/or filed by a certain date and time? Time is running out? Express Legal Process Service can help expedite it for you. We’ll get the job done for you and on time. A judge has required you to file a document by a certain date and you need a messenger service that will keep you out of hot water. Our staff are familiar with the county courthouses in Bakersfield/Kern County. There are other reasons to turn to Express Legal Process Service for your messenger services, such as: Our staff are courteous, experienced and efficient. Our staff are trained to safely and securely handle confidential materials. You are in good hand when using Express Legal Process Service.

Documents that we file !!
·         Summon and complaint
·         Proof of Services
·         Petitions
·         Answers
·         Motion and proposed order
·         Default
·         Dismissals

          Small Claims


          Family Law

          Unlawful Detainer

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